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Fan Art: The Sandman

I managed to catch up on a few shows during the holidays and I finally finished watching The Sandman on Netflix. As always, Neil Gaiman did not disappoint – I loved the series so much that I decided to make a fan art of it. 🥰

Now, I don’t normally draw fan art of real people and was tempted to do my own version of the Sandman. However, Tom Sturridge embodied the role so well that I just had to use his face for this fan art.

So, here’s my take on the King of Dreams himself and his raven, Jessamy. I hope fans of the series love this rendition as much as I do. 🤞😊

* The Sandman created by Neil Gaiman – Copyright © Netflix, DC Comics *

P.S.: I am unsure of whom the copyright to The Sandman belongs to. If anyone can correct me, please do so and I’ll update this post. Thanks!


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