We Create Viable Designs to Grow with You

We are a small team of creative minds in Brisbane, Australia with a passion for helping startups grow their image with our bespoke branding.

At Luminacorn we believe in simplicity and its ability to tell extensive stories. We specialise in creating simple and clean graphic design and illustration for personal and commercial use.

As our project partners we involve our clients in the creative process every step of the way. We pride ourselves in delivering the right inputs to your design briefs and hold ourselves to a high standard of responsiveness to every revision request.

Here we proudly showcase our past and current design projects and share premium and free design resources that we germinate during their progress.

Meet the Team


With over nine years of experience in print media, branding and illustration, Ira is Luminacorn’s main graphic designer. She specialises in clean and simple designs, and excels in adapting herself to various styles. On her free time she designs interiors, soft landscapes, and puns.


As a regular contributor to the studio, Irma brings in her expertise in 3D modelling and layout designs. Her experience in building design and drafting helps the studio immensely in signage projects. She is an expert martial artist who makes mean French macarons in her spare time.


Sam is the dedicated team (cheer)leader of the studio. He is responsible for the team’s morale and passionate about the work life balance of his designers. He spends his breaks solving puzzles.