Beat by Beat Press

Silence speaks volumes: We put the spotlight on bullying with a quiet title art that is worth a thousand words

Beat by Beat Press is a publisher of contemporary, high-quality plays for young actors, with plays that are created by a team of professional playwrights in New York City and Los Angeles.

One of their plays titled “Before the Bell” tells a story of bullying from all perspectives to show the many different factors involved in just one incident. The play touches on a serious subject, in particular the role bystanders play in these situations.

To put forward the gravity of the topic behind the play, this concept utilises a bold red font for the title over a dull colour scheme. The poster is also designed to be simple and straightforward for a contemporary look that will capture the viewers’ attention at first glance.

The idea behind this poster is to convey a sense of helplessness that is experienced by the pictured bully victim. The placement of the illustration is designed as such that it shows the victim being cornered by two bullies, who are looming over him and standing between him and his belongings.

We thank Beat by Beat Press for choosing us to create the titular design for a play with such an important message.