Der frühe Vogel & Sterntaler by Primal Garden

Capturing and contrasting day and night with mood and colours

How can a designer create one cohesive theme for two separate products with two independent names and different uses? The answer, on this occasion, is by maintaining similar brush styles and depth of colours across the designs. We put this to practice in an opportunity presented by Primal Garden for their two dietary supplement blends: “Der frühe Vogel” and “Sterntaler”.

“Der frühe Vogel” which translates to “the Early Bird” is a vegan breakfast mix that provides energy for a vital start into the day. As it is a product for morning consumption we created a concept that is reminiscent of classic cereal boxes and chose earthy colours to highlight its natural ingredients. We also drew all illustrations and icons in the concept to match the style of their existing “Early Bird” mascot and carried this style forward to “Sterntaler”.

“Sterntaler”, or “Star Money” as derived from the Brothers Grimm’s story, is also a supplement powder, but one that supports a good night’s sleep. To complement the product’s name, we designed the product’s mascot in the form of a young girl that is inspired by the main character in the fairy tale. We created this concept with the product’s de-stressing properties in mind and opted for cool colours to paint a quite and serene, moonlit atmosphere.