Edgehill Honey

Edgehill Honey shows us that a commercial venture is not a necessity when it comes to creating a beautiful product

Some of our most rewarding design projects were the ones for our client’s own personal use, our label design for the Henriksons family being one of them.

Every year they harvest honey from the beehives at their Edgehill property to share with friends and families. To make each occasion memorable they requested a label design for the mason jars that contain their fuchsia flowers based honey.

We created a hand-drawn design for them that focuses on pink and purple fuchsias that encase the honey’s name in an elegant and whimsical look. By using pastel colours and a simple line pattern we finished the design off with a cottage, homely feel.

We had a lot of fun drawing this illustration for the Henriksons and have no doubt that everyone who’s lucky enough to receive these jars of honey yearly will appreciate it even more with this gorgeous design.