Ella Ice Cream Parlour

We helped express Ella’s love for ice cream in this fun menu design

Ella Ice Cream Parlour in Virginia needed a menu for the different flavours that they have with a specific request for a design that can work both as a large behind-the-counter poster and a smaller, foldable menu.

We designed this menu to complement their existing logo and accentuated it further by adding a touch of retro in a slightly muted colour scheme.

To create a menu that is playful and candid we used a hero graphic of an ice cream cone – this creates a fun layout that showcases the numerous flavours comfortably. Mini icons were then added to represent each flavour in a unique way and to make the menu more lively.

Ella’s menu design was one of our most flattering projects as the team instantly chose our initial submission without any request for revisions. We love it when we get it right the first time!