The simplest tag can effectively communicate your product’s quality

Kammycub in Dublin produces a multi-functional nappy bag that doubles as a travel backpack. This bag is arranged into many compartments, each with a different function to hold baby essentials such as nappies, baby wipes and bottles, but can also carry your own travel necessities such as mobile phones, and much more. Best of all, it is durable and suitable for outdoor adventures.

To show these qualities on a single hang tag, we created a concept that looks simple, clean, and a tad playful to complement their logo. By creating a silhouette of a parent bear wearing a backpack with its child, the design conveys an adventurous, outdoorsy feel per the backpack’s designated use. On the back side we’ve displayed the selling points with custom made, minimalistic icons for a higher end, unisex look.

Kammycub liked the concept so much they decided to have us design another hang tag for their warranty information, which can be paired with the main hang tag.