Whether it is for a single project or an ongoing partnership I will work with you to create artworks that suit your needs. Here are some of the styles that I commonly draw:

Comic Art

Comic art is one of my passions and I only need a bit of your imagination to come up with a world of artworks for you. I specialise in simple and clean drawings but also excel in full colour, detailed illustrations.

Chibi Art

Suitable for storybooks, stickers, and much more, chibi art is one style that I absolutely love. If you like your characters stumpy and proportions are not a priority, chibi art is what you’re looking for!

Food Illustrations

From a single ingredient, to a full course meal: Watch me turn your menu ideas into drawings that are good enough to eat! My simple line art food illustrations make for great menu and poster embellishments.


I am also capable of adjusting my styles to your needs. As long as you like the vibes in my existing illustrations, it is very likely that I can adapt to the styles that are more suited for your project. Drop me a line and let’s see what I can do for you!