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  • Lucas – Fashion Style 02

    Lucas – Fashion Style 02

    You didn’t think I was going to leave Lucas out of the action, did you? 😁 Happy winter to all of my viewers in the Southern hemisphere! Winter is my favourite season in Australia. I just LOVE winter fashions with their multiple layers and fancy coats. πŸ₯° Well… actually, it never gets that cold here…

  • Marcus – Fashion Style 02

    Marcus – Fashion Style 02

    Happy Summer to everyone in the Northern hemisphere! 🌞 My, this year has gone fast, hasn’t it? Now that we’re almost in the middle of 2023, I really want to experiment more. So let’s start the new season with this mock magazine cover. 😁 Here’s Marcus, on behalf of all of my characters, to wish…

  • After School

    After School

    Sometimes when I’m having a tricky time navigating through life, I remember happy moments when I was young. I know that nothing beats the independence that comes with adulthood, but many things were much simpler when you were a kid. My father used to take me for a meal at different places after school. He…

  • Three Generations

    Three Generations

    Just an early post for you who will be celebrating Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. 😊 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mother figures out there! Thank you for putting up with your children even though we can often be a pain in the neck. πŸ˜… We appreciate you immensely! πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ … πŸ“£…

  • Immersion (Storytime Magic)

    Immersion (Storytime Magic)

    I have recently finished reading the entire collection of The Sandman’s 30th Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman and I am still in awe. My brain cannot conjure up the right words to describe the experience, but I can always try and put the emotions I felt in a drawing. Good books really have the incredible…

  • Cellular Tower

    Cellular Tower

    Good Monday and Happy May, everyone! Today’s illustration is inspired by a certain fairy tale. I hope you can recognise it. πŸ˜‰ I drew this because I am going to a rural town for a short vacation, and the internet connection will be a bit unpredictable there. 😬 I will be back by Friday, so…

  • The Twins – Fashion Style 01

    The Twins – Fashion Style 01

    Following my promise to turn the twins into my fashion models, here’s the first set of outfits for Marcus (left) and Lucas (right)! 😁 I truly hope you like them! I actually wanted to start experimenting with fabric patterns, but ultimately decided that they were too high of a level for me right now. πŸ˜†

  • The Man in the Pendant

    The Man in the Pendant

    Are you ever curious about the story behind a vintage object? Sometimes I wonder if anonymous trinkets that you randomly find at auctions or flea markets have profound histories behind them… Here’s a fictional heirloom that I made. If you were like me, you’d probably start inventing the man’s identity. 😊 (By the way, the…

  • Under My Umbrella

    Under My Umbrella

    I love rain. 🌧πŸ₯° That is all I could say today to accompany this illustration. πŸ˜… πŸ“£ Also, just a quick update: I’ll be posting only once a week for the time being to work on a few things. Thank you for your support! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Office Crush 7 – Mismatched Interests

    Office Crush 7 – Mismatched Interests

    Office Crush (Part 7), James & Ian: The movie that James invited Ian to see is now available on streaming, so instead of going to the cinema, Ian decided to invite James to watch it at his house. 😁 FYI, James cannot stomach horror movies, but he knows that Ian loves them. Ah, what love…

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