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  • Spiced Apple Cider

    Spiced Apple Cider

    Comforting Halloween Drink Part 2 of 2: Spiced apple cider! To get the drink in this illustration, spice up your apple cider with some ginger and orange juice (or Cointreau), but don’t forget to add a hint of maple syrup! Bonus point to you if you serve this in a flask like I do and…

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Happy Halloween! It must be getting cold for all of you in the Northern hemisphere – which is the exact opposite to me in Queensland. ☀️ Hot or cold, that never stops me from appreciating yummy things, so here’s a couple of illustrations of comforting Halloween drinks! 1 of 2: Can’t have Halloween without pumpkin…

  • Good Night Tea Mix

    Good Night Tea Mix

    My version of a good night tea mix, with ingredients that are supposed to be good for destressing and relaxing. Please don’t quote me on their efficacy, I know only that they taste good! 😅 In this teapot are: peppermint, strawberry, lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and cornflower. What sort of drink do you like to…

  • Good Morning Tea Mix

    Good Morning Tea Mix

    I quite like some of these pre-mixed teas that are marketed with fancy names, and decided to make drawings of them. 😁 Also, I’ve noticed some common ingredients in the ones that they particularly create for different times of the day…. This one is my version of a good morning tea mix, which contains: black…

  • Food Illustration: Loaded Milkshake

    Food Illustration: Loaded Milkshake

    Carnival Food 2 of 3: The diabetes in a cup. 😅 You’ve probably found, or even tried a loaded milkshake! How do you even eat/drink this? Personally, I can’t quite decide whether they are appetising or off-putting.

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