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  • The Bride

    The Bride

    Sometimes I am conscious that my female characters are not the most feminine around, it also doesn’t help that I draw relatively simple hairstyles that can pass as androgynous. Today’s illustration is a practice to achieve that feminine feeling just from a character’s back silhouette. I thought to myself, surely there’s nothing more feminine than…

  • Let It Burn

    Let It Burn

    I’m posting something a bit different today, because the past several weeks have been a difficult time for me both at work and personally. I know things will eventually calm down, and I can always build a new kind of normal – but I can’t help but wanting to just give up sometimes. I drew…

  • Stardust


    I just felt like trying something different than what I normally do for this illustration. I think that coming up with a vast world of imagination is something that so many artists have to do constantly, which is the base idea behind this piece. So anyway, I don’t usually draw close-ups, people with make up…

  • Leaping Legs

    Leaping Legs

    Last week I finished a project with a client who wanted a set of legs drawn from different angles. They were for ultrasound worksheets, so I drew legs which look neutral enough that they could be applied to any of his patients. …Or so I thought. What if I unconsciously just drew the type of…

  • A Jar Full of Dreams

    A Jar Full of Dreams

    My jar of dreams is getting quite full… wonder if I should let one or two dreams go? But then again, getting a bigger jar is always an option. 😃

  • Weightlessness


    A pose practice that I could not resist colouring in. ☺️ Free diving seems like a really awesome thing to do. If I tried it, though, I think I would just sink to the bottom. 🤣

  • Bath Time

    Bath Time

    I think I was just looking for an excuse to draw “sexy”… but I’m bad at coming up with sexy ideas. Bath time is sexy, right? 😅

  • Dandelion


    It’s windy today. Dandelions are blowing, Landing on my lawn. … (I’m going to need more weed killer.)

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