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  • Lucas – Fashion Style 02

    Lucas – Fashion Style 02

    You didn’t think I was going to leave Lucas out of the action, did you? 😁 Happy winter to all of my viewers in the Southern hemisphere! Winter is my favourite season in Australia. I just LOVE winter fashions with their multiple layers and fancy coats. πŸ₯° Well… actually, it never gets that cold here…

  • Marcus – Fashion Style 02

    Marcus – Fashion Style 02

    Happy Summer to everyone in the Northern hemisphere! 🌞 My, this year has gone fast, hasn’t it? Now that we’re almost in the middle of 2023, I really want to experiment more. So let’s start the new season with this mock magazine cover. 😁 Here’s Marcus, on behalf of all of my characters, to wish…

  • Noodle Trouble

    Noodle Trouble

    Which noodle eater are you? 🍜 The left one is me, of course. 🀣 I’m convinced that it is impossible for me to look good if I want to fully enjoy my mouth-watering bowl of goodness. But I do see many people who still look picture perfect in the same situation! 😲 All of you…

  • After School

    After School

    Sometimes when I’m having a tricky time navigating through life, I remember happy moments when I was young. I know that nothing beats the independence that comes with adulthood, but many things were much simpler when you were a kid. My father used to take me for a meal at different places after school. He…

  • Fan Art: Takaaki Sakai

    Fan Art: Takaaki Sakai

    Many of my regular viewers already know who Itsuki Sugimoto is. But if you are new here, she creates a wonderful universe of short comics with many characters that, I’m proud to say, I’ve followed since the very beginning. (Well, at least I think so. πŸ˜…) Out of her many characters, there’s one man whom…

  • Three Generations

    Three Generations

    Just an early post for you who will be celebrating Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. 😊 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mother figures out there! Thank you for putting up with your children even though we can often be a pain in the neck. πŸ˜… We appreciate you immensely! πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ … πŸ“£…

  • Immersion (Storytime Magic)

    Immersion (Storytime Magic)

    I have recently finished reading the entire collection of The Sandman’s 30th Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman and I am still in awe. My brain cannot conjure up the right words to describe the experience, but I can always try and put the emotions I felt in a drawing. Good books really have the incredible…

  • Cellular Tower

    Cellular Tower

    Good Monday and Happy May, everyone! Today’s illustration is inspired by a certain fairy tale. I hope you can recognise it. πŸ˜‰ I drew this because I am going to a rural town for a short vacation, and the internet connection will be a bit unpredictable there. 😬 I will be back by Friday, so…

  • The Twins – Fashion Style 01

    The Twins – Fashion Style 01

    Following my promise to turn the twins into my fashion models, here’s the first set of outfits for Marcus (left) and Lucas (right)! 😁 I truly hope you like them! I actually wanted to start experimenting with fabric patterns, but ultimately decided that they were too high of a level for me right now. πŸ˜†

  • The Man in the Pendant

    The Man in the Pendant

    Are you ever curious about the story behind a vintage object? Sometimes I wonder if anonymous trinkets that you randomly find at auctions or flea markets have profound histories behind them… Here’s a fictional heirloom that I made. If you were like me, you’d probably start inventing the man’s identity. 😊 (By the way, the…

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