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  • The Important Words

    The Important Words

    Some time ago I had a small conversation with someone on Instagram (you know who you are 😘) about how limited my understanding is of the Korean language. Our talk made me ponder about which words are essential to remember when you’re visiting other countries – which in turn inspired this illustration. πŸ˜… On the…

  • Tan & Pale

    Tan & Pale

    Today I’m (finally) trying out another skin type after getting too comfortable with my usual skin tones. πŸ₯² I drew two identical boys to highlight the colour differences, with the right one being my most used shade. What do you think? I love how different colours can portray different personas! πŸ₯° (I’ve also wanted to…

  • The Sound of December – Southern Hemisphere

    The Sound of December – Southern Hemisphere

    Happy December! Accordingly, today’s illustration is called “The Sound of December” (Southern Hemisphere edition). πŸ˜‰ If you are in the Southern Hemisphere (like me), it is now the beginning of a scorching hot summer, and plenty of trips to the beach! β˜€οΈπŸ˜Ž

  • Recharge


    Thanks to unseasonal Antarctic winds that just recently passed my part of Australia, I managed to get some good quality rest when I would normally be struggling in the heat. 😴 On the topic of resting, we all know that there’s nothing like cuddling with your special someone to recharge your energy, right? πŸ”‹βœ¨ Hope…

  • A Short Break

    A Short Break

    Part 3 of 3: A Short Break. Working a dead end job that barely covers the bills, he takes pleasure in the smallest things that he can find – sharing his dinner with the local alley cat being one of them. I have really enjoyed drawing this particular character more than the others, but that…

  • Cleaning the Table

    Cleaning the Table

    Part 2 of 3: The job is physically demanding, but he doesn’t mind it. However, the night shift comes with abusive drunken customers and fatigued coworkers. He slowly finds himself shutting down his emotions to cope.

  • Sweeping


    Feels like it’s been forever since the last time I drew my original characters doing their daily routines, so here’s another one. 😊 (I know I usually post these in a set of three on the same day, but I’m catching up on work that I can only do one at a time for the…

  • Unraveling


    I went to see Chiharu Shiota’s solo exhibition “The Soul Trembles” last month, as suggested by my good friend Miss A. (thank you!). To say that it was an eye opening lesson in contemporary and installation art would be an understatement – the ethereal sensation that I felt from observing her works was both of…

  • Fan Art: Leon S. Kennedy

    Fan Art: Leon S. Kennedy

    Continuing on with the horror genre, today’s post is a fan art of Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil franchise. This drawing is based on his character design in Resident Evil 4, which I think is the best looking among all versions of Leon. By the way, considering how I used to have a…

  • Jogging


    I just wanted to draw someone sweating for no apparent reason – so I made this guy run. πŸ˜… I could definitely follow my character’s example by exercising more. 😞 People with desk jobs, how do you keep yourself fit?

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