Hero Image for Primal Garden

Check out this hero image we designed to help promote Primal Garden as they revamp their website! We spruced up their logo with a combination of doodles and images of some ingredients in their products to produce clean and playful imagery. It's been close to one year since we started working with Primal Garden, and…

Sterntaler by Primal Garden

We delightfully wrapped up our holiday by presenting this label design, another one for the good folks at Primal Garden! Sterntaler is their upcoming shake powder that supports a good night's sleep with a vegan protein blend and herbal formula that relieve stress and strengthen one's well-being. The product's name which translates to "Star Money"…

Global warming sundae, anyone?

In this time of constant bushfires in Australia, we'd like to serve up this illustration as a food for thought. Let's be kinder to the planet and our fellow animals and do our bit for the Earth.

MoodLift Ingredients Diagram

Have you checked out MoodLift by Primal Garden yet? We also recently designed a diagram for them that shows an overview of all the ingredients in the supplement. By creating free-formed illustrations of each ingredient, we achieved a fresh look that matches the brand's label design for their product launch.

MoodLift Label Design Reveal

MoodLift by Primal Garden is finally available for sale! As a supplement that boosts your mood, we designed MoodLift to look playful, light, and uplifting, with earthy colours to entice those who appreciate organic and all natural ingredients. The addition of hand drawn plant graphics that are based on the ingredients beautifully portrays the supplement's…