Isometric Modern Interiors

Check out the combined isometric interior designs that we just finished, including the kitchen design that was previously posted. There are five rooms altogether, each designed to have a clean and comfortable modern look. These isometric rooms are to represent corresponding pages in an interior designer's website. It was a lot of fun to create…

Global warming sundae, anyone?

In this time of constant bushfires in Australia, we'd like to serve up this illustration as a food for thought. Let's be kinder to the planet and our fellow animals and do our bit for the Earth.

MoodLift Ingredients Diagram

Have you checked out MoodLift by Primal Garden yet? We also recently designed a diagram for them that shows an overview of all the ingredients in the supplement. By creating free-formed illustrations of each ingredient, we achieved a fresh look that matches the brand's label design for their product launch.

Spirit or Perfume?

One of our past projects involved creating a watercolour illustration of a gin bottle to look like a perfume bottle design. Indeed, many spirits bottles look so gorgeous you'd think they could be in cosmetics. Here are three of our picks that we've drawn to look like perfume bottles. Although, do perfume bottles come in…

MoodLift Label Design Reveal

MoodLift by Primal Garden is finally available for sale! As a supplement that boosts your mood, we designed MoodLift to look playful, light, and uplifting, with earthy colours to entice those who appreciate organic and all natural ingredients. The addition of hand drawn plant graphics that are based on the ingredients beautifully portrays the supplement's…

Serene Spring Colour Palette

We're one day late, but Happy Spring to everyone in the Southern hemisphere! Tiny blooms have started to emerge in our garden, and we just had to capture some of the colours in this palette. Enjoy the coolness while it lasts, Queenslanders!

Current Project: Primal Garden

We're very excited to announce that we're currently working with Primal Garden on the rebranding of their supplement line "MoodLift". Theirs is a brand new organic supplements shop based in Berlin, Germany that focuses on supplying organic, additive-free products for health and well-being. Primal Garden came to us specifically for pastel hand-drawn illustrations, which is…