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  • Noodle Trouble

    Noodle Trouble

    Which noodle eater are you? 🍜 The left one is me, of course. 🀣 I’m convinced that it is impossible for me to look good if I want to fully enjoy my mouth-watering bowl of goodness. But I do see many people who still look picture perfect in the same situation! 😲 All of you…

  • Pest Control – Part 4

    Pest Control – Part 4

    It’s been a while since my last Pest Control drawing, so here’s Part 4. This one is based on a very (exaggerated) true story. What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? …..Finding only half of it. I can report that it tasted kind of like dirt.

  • Slump


    December sucks the life out of me…. 😡 I try not to complain, but why does everything have to come all at once at this time of the year EVERY year? 😭

  • Gesundheit


    Sorry for another one of these rough drawings today, I’ve been feeling slightly under the weather. 🀧 Anyway, sneezing fit aside, I thought it was a good opportunity to try drawing more weird expressions. (Gotta draw inspiration from anything and everything! πŸ˜…) Another change in season is coming, stay healthy, everyone!

  • I Feel Nothing

    I Feel Nothing

    As October approaches, instinctively I start to anticipate the release of new horror movies. I love the genre, and terror excites me somewhat. πŸ˜… But, the more horror movies I watch, and the older I get, I become less and less afraid of these things. I remember being so terrified of watching Ring for the…

  • Pest Control – Part 3

    Pest Control – Part 3

    Did you know? Huntsman spiders can grow quite big here in Queensland. Although I don’t know what the record size is, I have personally come across one that was the size of my hand. 😱 I try to leave them alone when I see them, but if there’s one inside the toilet… it will need…

  • It’s One of Those Days

    It’s One of Those Days

    It’s one of those days. Can I be excused from everything today? Please let me go back to bed…. 😞

  • Pest Control – Part 2

    Pest Control – Part 2

    The girl and her cat are back! I might use her for pose practices from now on and subject her to more uncomfortable situations. 😁 Has your cat ever presented you with a “gift”? πŸ˜… (No animal was harmed in the making of this drawing.)

  • Bath Time

    Bath Time

    I think I was just looking for an excuse to draw “sexy”… but I’m bad at coming up with sexy ideas. Bath time is sexy, right? πŸ˜…

  • Dandelion


    It’s windy today. Dandelions are blowing, Landing on my lawn. … (I’m going to need more weed killer.)

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